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Why am I being charged $153 for work done at my home?

Sometimes customers request that we temporarily disconnect and reconnect their electrical service. The reasons often include tree trimming, rewiring, siding installation, construction and other home improvements. For this work, we charge a $153 fee for disconnecting and reconnecting service at the same location. The fee covers the cost of vehicle and equipment use, wages and …

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Do you have information on other energy providers?

AEP Ohio maintains power lines and equipment and delivers energy to your home. But you may have the opportunity to choose the company that generates your electricity. Just as you shop for other products and services, you can shop for your energy supplier, too. This freedom lets you choose from among a diverse group of …

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Canton Team Keeps Power Flowing for Homeless Shelter

Employees in Canton received a glowing thank you note from the Refuge of Hope, an organization that helps homeless men in Stark County. The reason for the letter? AEP Ohio did the right thing in a tough situation. A brick building in downtown Canton started falling unexpectedly and was determined to be structurally unsafe. The …

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