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Manage, Track and Save on Your Electric Bill This Summer

With your A/C cranking in the summertime heat, your electric bill may be reflecting higher energy usage. Here are a few resources to help manage your usage and make your bill more predictable:   Enroll in Our Average Monthly Payment* (AMP) Plan AMP spreads the cost of cooling and heating over the whole year by leveling …

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Resources and Tips for Summer Savings

As temperatures continue to warm up, you’ll probably find yourself adjusting your thermostat. However, keeping your home cool and comfortable could impact your electric bill. Explore the tips and resources below to help reduce your energy usage and make your monthly bill more predictable this summer.  Bill Assistance Tool Our bill assistance tool is a …

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Five Tips to Stay Cool & Save This Summer

Now that we are entering the warmer months, cooling your home may have an impact on your electric bill. Keep your home comfortable this summer while remaining efficient with these simple tips: Looking for other ways to save energy and money? Find more savings tips at AEPOhio.com/Savings.

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Planting a Tree? Do This to Avoid Outages

Shovel? Check. Gardening gloves? Check? Wheelbarrow, rake, watering can, fertilizer: check, check, check, check. You’re ready to start planting! Not so fast. Trees are a leading cause of power outages across our service territory. Before you begin your latest landscaping project, it’s important to do these four things first. We’re asking customers to please plan …

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Winter Weather Impacts Your Electric Bill: Here’s What You Can Do

Cold winter weather can send your furnace into overdrive — causing your energy usage and electric bill to go up. That’s especially true if you heat your home with electricity, even if your thermostat setting remains the same.  New Year, New Energy-Efficiency Habits Here are a few low- and no-cost things you can do around …

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Ward Off Phantom Energy in Your Home

Spooky season is coming to an end, but did you know there are ghoulish creatures lurking in your home all year long? Your idle appliances and devices in standby mode – known as energy vampires or phantom energy – can take a bite out of your monthly electricity usage. Read on for three ways to …

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