It’s National Preparedness Month — that means it’s time to put on your game face, hit the field, defend your turf and go all in on getting ready for the unexpected. Here’s what you need to know to create a game-winning strategy. 


Coach’s Tip: Create a detailed playbook outlining your step-by-step actions in the event of a disaster. It’s important to keep this plan updated throughout the year. Get started on your plan at Ready.Gov/Plan.  



Coach’s Tip: Put together a disaster supply kit with items such as food, water, a first aid kit, a flashlight, batteries, a portable charger, prescription medication and other necessities.



Coach’s Tip: Communication is key during an emergency. Talk with your family and friends to make sure everyone is on the same page well ahead of time and has reviewed your emergency playbook. Also, make sure you’re connected to local alert systems to stay updated as situations can change quickly.

Bonus: Be sure to download the AEP Ohio mobile app and update your contact information at



Coach’s Tip: Cover your blind spots. Be sure to check on any elderly relatives and neighbors, as well as those with disabilities to ensure they have a plan, too.



Coach’s Tip: Once you have your gameplan, practice with your home team to ensure everyone knows what to do should an emergency arise. 




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