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AEP Helps Robotics Teams Rise

When industrial-sized robots are waging battle, it’s wise to steer clear. Though AEP officially remains on the sidelines, through its FIRST Robotics grant program, our company is smack in the middle of intense, warring competitors. No, this isn’t BattleBots like you see on TV. But according to Kim Bothager, a business integration analyst for AEP …

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Taking to the Sky to Keep Your Power On

AEP Ohio is teaming up with Aerial Solutions to test a new all-electric technology that will help clear trees around power lines and equipment in rural areas — and it’s all happening from the sky.  Helicopters with aerial saws have been used for years to help trim trees in hard to reach, more rural areas. …

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Local Student Sparks Change

Jay Painter is a senior at New Albany High School. He’s always loved cars: He played with Hot Wheels as a kid; he watches Formula One racing; he went to automotive engineering camp at The Ohio State University. So when it came time to pick a Senior Seminar and Global Scholars project for his final …

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New Technology Helps Grow Healthy Food Year-Round

AEP Ohio, in partnership with Mid-Ohio Food Collective and the Electric Power Research Institute, is showcasing new technology to grow nutritious food year-round. The “Indoor Ag Container,” a retrofitted semi-trailer equipped with high-tech sensors as well as LED and ultraviolet lights, makes it possible to grow food outside traditional growing seasons. “At AEP Ohio, we’re …

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The Struggle with Squirrels: How We Keep the Power Flowing by Keeping Them Away

Keeping squirrels, birds and other animals away from our equipment remains a longstanding, difficult challenge. AEP Ohio has been putting great effort into saving the lives of our furry and feathered friends, both for their own safety and for preventing the power outages they sometimes cause. Though there are many kinds of animal protection devices, …

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How Our Maps are Foundational for Your Power

Keeping the lights on starts with documenting on our system maps the location of every single piece of equipment that’s used to deliver electricity to our customers. If that sounds simple enough, just ask one of the 12 GIS (Geographic Information System) technicians who constantly input the latest information for the hundreds of thousands of …

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