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Columbus Charges Toward Fleet Electrification

There’s no doubt that the future is electric. As we continue to move toward an electrified tomorrow, AEP Ohio is taking proactive steps to help businesses and communities charge into the future and explore the electric vehicle (EV) options that work best for them. The City of Columbus is one such example, having recently transitioned …

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AEP Ohio crew member standing outside, installing smart technology on equipment. AEP Ohio crew member standing outside, installing smart technology on equipment.
Using Data to Improve Your Service

Your electric meter is smart — and so are the engineers behind our smart grid. In honor of National Engineers Week, we spoke with Brad Smith, an engineer who manages our smart grid systems, to learn more about how AEP Ohio is building a smarter grid — and using data and analytics to improve your …

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Electric Vehicles: Driving Into the Future

As we continue to explore the benefits of electrification for your business, we’re diving into electric vehicle (EV) adoption.  Electric technologies are cost-effective for a number of personal and fleet applications, and we want to support you in this evolution. The benefits of electric transportation include lower maintenance and fuel costs, elimination of tailpipe emissions …

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Electric Heat Pump Technologies

In our last newsletter, we gave an overview of electrification and the boundless opportunities for savings and efficiency. Now, we’re going a little more in depth on a few technologies to consider as you plan for the future of your business. Let’s take a look. Heat Pump Technology Heat pump technology is the most efficient …

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Electrification: What You Need To Know

Why Electric Should Be On Your Radar  It’s important to consider the benefits of electrification as you plan for the future of your organization and its operations, including: Higher efficiency Lower maintenance costs Reduced greenhouse emissions Electric cars get a lot of attention, but fundamental changes in how businesses use energy are happening. Electrification of technologies …

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Pilot Program Makes Street Lights ‘Smart’

When it comes to street lights, you may not give them much thought. At AEP Ohio we know a lot about street lights but we want to know even more. A new “smart” street light program will help us do just that. AEP Ohio owns roughly 100,000 street lights that are leased to cities, villages …

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