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AEP Ohio crew member standing outside, installing smart technology on equipment. AEP Ohio crew member standing outside, installing smart technology on equipment.
Using Data to Improve Your Service

Your electric meter is smart — and so are the engineers behind our smart grid. In honor of National Engineers Week, we spoke with Brad Smith, an engineer who manages our smart grid systems, to learn more about how AEP Ohio is building a smarter grid — and using data and analytics to improve your …

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Electric Heat Pump Technologies

In our last newsletter, we gave an overview of electrification and the boundless opportunities for savings and efficiency. Now, we’re going a little more in depth on a few technologies to consider as you plan for the future of your business. Let’s take a look. Heat Pump Technology Heat pump technology is the most efficient …

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Pilot Program Makes Street Lights ‘Smart’

When it comes to street lights, you may not give them much thought. At AEP Ohio we know a lot about street lights but we want to know even more. A new “smart” street light program will help us do just that. AEP Ohio owns roughly 100,000 street lights that are leased to cities, villages …

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Say Hello to the Mini-Jarraff, AEP Ohio’s Newest Tree Trimmer

What’s yellow, has a long neck and likes munching on foliage in tall trees? A giraffe, yes … and also a Mini-Jarraff, an urban tree-trimming vehicle that’s making line clearance safer and easier for AEP Ohio’s forestry team. The Mini-Jarraff is designed for Right of Way maintenance in neighborhoods and city streets. It has a …

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Power Outage Prevention Soars to New Heights

AEP Ohio crews are beginning to use drones to improve the reliability of your service. They are just another layer of the technology working behind the scenes to keep your power on. With a high-resolution camera and infrared technology, inspection drones travel 200 to 300 feet above the lines to look for hotspots and potential …

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Meet the New ‘Backyard Bucket’

The next generation of power restoration equipment is rolling into AEP Ohio’s service territories. The Columbus Southeast and Findlay garages are now home to the Altec TDA58 — better known as the backyard bucket — a vehicle that is smaller and taller than similar models. What makes the backyard bucket unique is its extended reach …

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