For decades, utility companies across the country have banded together when disasters strike to get power back on for their customers. Late last month during Hurricane Ian, AEP Ohio sent nearly 600 employees and contractors—including line personnel, tree crews, damage assessors and crew supervisors—from throughout the state to support power restoration in Florida, North Carolina and Georgia.

Check out the work done by this team to lend a hand to our neighbors in need:

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“We’re thankful for our dedicated employees and contractors who leave at a moment’s notice to lend a helping hand and for those who remain at home to keep the power on,” said Marc Reitter, AEP Ohio President and Chief Operating Officer.

7 responses to “Supporting Our Neighbors in Need Down South

  1. These are great people!! When we had the bad storm this summer in Ohio they were everywhere working in some of the worst conditions. We cannot thank them enough!!

  2. Heartfelt thanks to All the Volunteers who went to Florida to help those who were devastated by this Horrible Hurricane. Thanks For Your Service.

  3. We are all neighbors, know matter how far apart we are, and Ohio answered the call for our help. Heartfelt thanks for everyone who went out of their way to help the people of Florida who were devastated by this Horrible Hurricane.
    Thank You For Your Service….

  4. Thank you for everything you do to keep our power on locally and for all the others who need your help. I also appreciate that your family shares you with us. Please stay safe.

  5. As a past employee of Columbus Southern Power/AEP I am proud to know AEP lent a helping hand to those in need during hurricane Ian. I worked many storms in the Athens/Gallipolis office and felt proud knowing the power was back on through the efforts of our office and line crew staff. Great work!

  6. It touches my heart to see a big company go the extra mile or miles to help others in need. May God bless each and everyone for their heroic deed. Grateful to be an Ohioan!!

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