It’s back-to-school season and that means it’s time for a pop quiz. Study up and school yourself on the savings and payment assistance options AEP Ohio offers.

How did you do? Whether you need a little extra time to pay or are looking to better manage your budget, these are just a few of the ways AEP Ohio offers to help with your electric bill. Learn more at AEP and

23 responses to “Pop Quiz: Savings & Assistance For You

  1. Thank You For The Pop Quiz. We Customers Of A E P Ohio Should Have These Pop Quizzes More Often It Really Does Help To Educate Us On Our Electricity And More. I Have Been With A E P Ohio For Years And My Parents Before Me And We My Family Do Intend To Stay With It A E P Ohio Is The Way To Go. Yes Thank You

  2. Where can I get help with weatherization? Also, do you still offer a rebate on energy saving appliance? Do you still recycle old appliances?

    1. Hello Eugenia,

      We do not offer a rebate on energy-saving appliances and our appliance recycling program ended in 2020. For help with weatherization, I’d suggest reaching out to your city’s community action group.

    1. Timothy,

      AEP Ohio provides a standard service offering for generation rates. This is shown on the PUCO’s apples to apples website. There is no comparison for distribution and transmission charges.

  3. My electric goes up in the summer with the air conditioner running and the gas goes down and in the winter, the gas goes up with heating and the electric goes down. I could make some home improvements that may lower the cost but I don’t know how cost effective it would be, I am a widow and don’t have a lot of extra income as groceries and gas have increased so much.

  4. got 4 of 4 right. not sold on budget plans as usually when electric use goes up my gas goes down so it kind of averages out on its own.

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