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Why can’t you put my wires underground?

Overhead lines are often the most effective way to deliver power to our customers. It’s not always appropriate to install wires underground but we do use this option under certain circumstances. We seek out individual solutions for all our customers and their communities. Decisions are made after careful analysis and planning by our engineers, who …

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Why am I being charged $153 for work done at my home?

Sometimes customers request that we temporarily disconnect and reconnect their electrical service. The reasons often include tree trimming, rewiring, siding installation, construction and other home improvements. For this work, we charge a $153 fee for disconnecting and reconnecting service at the same location. The fee covers the cost of vehicle and equipment use, wages and …

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Do you have information on other energy providers?

AEP Ohio maintains power lines and equipment and delivers energy to your home. But you may have the opportunity to choose the company that generates your electricity. Just as you shop for other products and services, you can shop for your energy supplier, too. This freedom lets you choose from among a diverse group of …

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My electric bill is high this winter. What can I do?

High bills this winter? Lots of factors impact how hard your furnace has to work to combat the cold Ohio temperatures – from how well your home is insulated to the age of your furnace. Homes with electric heating systems can see especially large jumps on winter bills. Beyond the cold weather, there are a …

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