Sometimes customers request that we temporarily disconnect and reconnect their electrical service. The reasons often include tree trimming, rewiring, siding installation, construction and other home improvements. For this work, we charge a $153 fee for disconnecting and reconnecting service at the same location. The fee covers the cost of vehicle and equipment use, wages and other associated resources.

2 responses to “Why am I being charged $153 for work done at my home?

  1. Early Oct. 2018 , a tree fell down across my service drop between the transformer and my mast head, and took it down. Your crew came and disconnected it , and 20 minutes later, I had the new mast head and entrance cable replaced. Your crew reconnected and they left. I had always been told that from the mast head out was the AEP’s responsibility, and from the mast head on was my problem. So, why was I charged $153.00 ?

    1. Thanks for writing, Donald. We want to answer your questions fully so I have passed your note on to one of our forestry representatives to get in touch with you. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused; we will try to get it sorted out right away.

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