Outages occur for a variety of reasons but one of the most common causes of power outages is trees and limbs falling on power lines. Just one tree limb can knock out electric service to dozens of homes up to several miles away. That’s why we have a comprehensive program to manage trees and brush that grow around power lines. Trimming trees is an essential part of keeping the lights on and ensuring you have safe and dependable electric service.

Our aggressive tree clearing program is cycle-based. This means you can expect to see tree trimmers in your neighborhood every four years clearing branches and other vegetation from power lines. Our tree clearing benefits you through improved service and fewer outages caused by trees.

You can play an important role, too: By planting the right tree in the right place, you help preserve your community’s trees while also benefitting utility customers.

More info: AEPOhio.com/info/treetrimming

15 responses to “What’s your tree trimming policy?

  1. Yes I have a tree in my backyard who’s branches are up into the service lines the ones running from pole to pole, I notified Aep of this to see if they could maybe trim it back away from the lines.

    1. Hi Mark. So sorry for the delay in responding. I talked to our forestry team about your inquiry and someone will contact you very soon. Thank you for being patient!

  2. When AEP trimmed the remaining tree in our front yard that grows into the power lines, we asked if they could just cut it down like they did the other tree a few years ago and they said it would be a different crew and they would let them know. We never heard anything. Our neighbor now has trees marked for removal. Can they add our tree when they do our neighbor’s 3 trees? If we had been home when that was arranged, we would have asked them.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear you’ve had problems with your trees. I have sent your message to our forestry team and they should be contacting you very shortly. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Last year AEP removed 2 trees and trimmed others for clearance. My signed paperwork says circuit line 1002. AEP tree removal agreement says removal of brush and firewood. It all remains on my property, yet it came from the public right of way. I am a cancer patient and have been hospitalized during this year. Can you help get this finished up and cleaned up?

    1. Hi Gary. I’m very sorry you’ve had problems with this. I passed along your message to our forestry group and you should be hearing from them shortly.

  4. The tree removal crew showed up at my house around 9am on Wednesday April 8,2020 to trim branches around power lines. The crew was mulching the downed branches when I left my home around 5pm and I returned home at 7:30pm to find the crew had left a complete mess of downed branches in my driveway and all down side of my garage. So now I’m unable to gain access back into my garage to park my 2019 jeep cherokee back inside. I would like to know why your crew was so unprofessional as to leave downed branches in my driveway and laying against my garage on top of a lot of personal items stored beside the building! I work construction myself and its always been policy to make sure the mess is cleaned before leaving the job. I mean its not like they didn’t have enough time to complete the task considering they was here blocking my driveway and garage for at least 8 hrs. Totally unprofessional crew!!!

    1. Hi Jason. I do apologize about this situation and have our forestry team looking into it. A representative will be in contact with you by end of the day Wednesday. Thank you.

  5. A few years ago AEP had agreed to cut down a tree on our property that is old, overgrown, and directly under the power lines, but we unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute. Can you tell me if they can re-schedule now?

    1. Thanks for writing, Gary. I’ve sent your request to our forestry group and someone will contact you soon to talk this over.

  6. AEP tree clearing crew left branches all along my son’s property line along a chain link fence.
    Afraid create home for snakes and other vermin. Also makes him look like a bad neighbor to adjoining property owner Brookside Drive Portsmouth

    1. Hello, George. Thanks for writing. A member of our forestry team said she will be reaching out to you soon to learn more about this issue. We appreciate the heads up.

    1. Hi Kathy. I have passed your message on to our forestry team and you should hear from someone shortly. Thanks for writing and have a nice day!

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