Our lineman are highly skilled workers who have spent years of specialized training on high-voltage power lines. They are NOT trained or licensed to work on the customers’ private equipment, inside or outside the property.

If you need help with any electrical work, please contact a properly licensed electrician.

9 responses to “I need electrical work done. Can you do it or do I need to call an electrician?

  1. I have a question on the power line coming into the meter box attached to my house. The thick wire line with weather proof cover that is also anchor to the house and where the three power cable coming from the AEP power line across the street from the pole, which could be about 10 feet from the ground level to the top where it is anchored to the house. That thick wire is through the meter box where the electric power would flow to the main switch board of the house.
    Who is responsible to replace the thick wire when the weather protective cover coming apart and water leaking through the meter box and into the main switch board in the house?
    I want to know if AEP would replace that weathered wire or the home owner to call a certified electrician to replace the thick weathered power cord.
    Thank you.
    Aung Than

  2. Hello!

    I intend to change out the electric service panel inside my residence. The current panel dates back to the original construction of my home in 1960. The panel is at its limit with many circuits powering too many outlets/fixtures. Simply, this is a legacy issue that needs remedied.

    I have a couple of questions for the purpose of proceeding with a panel upgrade:

    1. I intend to install a 200A, 30/60 service panel to replace my original GE pushmatic panel ( original panel to my 1960 built home ). My question is how do I determine the line amperage coming into my home to ensure my new panel is sized correctly?

    2. Once the above is addressed, how does one initiate the process for temporarily removing the meter head to facilitate installation of the new service panel? I am almost certain the meter is the property of AEP and proper permissions and procedures are required for such work.

    1. Hi James! Thanks for writing. So sorry for the delayed response. I’ve passed along your note; expect a response shortly from our customer service representatives to help you out with this. Good luck!

    2. James, here’s a little more info for you. In order to properly upgrade your service at your residence you would need to contact an Electrical Contractor. They are fully educated on the states regulations and requirements for service changes. They are also aware of the procedure to contact us prior to the work being performed. For more information you can visit our website at https://www.aepohio.com/account/service/upgrade/UpgradeHomeService.aspx or contact our Ohio E-Scheduling Group at 1-800-449-3032.

  3. What about moving the buried line from the box to the house? Is this something that AEP needs to do or an electrical contractor.

    1. Hi Phil. Thanks for your question. If you give us a call (or reach out via Facebook or Twitter) a technician will most likely contact you to discuss your options. Good luck!

  4. I have a mobile home with 200 amp service . The meter is attached to a pole with a certified disconnect. I am removing the mobile home and installing a modular home in its place. I have worked with electric both industrial and home for many years
    My question is can I move the power from disconnect to new home. I put old
    In myself

    1. Hi James! Good question and I have been trying to get an answer for you. I’m told that if the modular home is placed on a foundation, the meter can be mounted on the side of the home. It will need to be inspected by the local authority or, if there isn’t one, an electrician can sign a release form for us. If the modular home isn’t placed on a foundation, then the meter can’t be mounted on the side of the home. It must be mounted on a free standing structure. If you’re only disconnecting the load side of the service and keeping the same free-standing structure, you won’t need a new inspection.

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