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Supporting Our Neighbors in Need Down South

For decades, utility companies across the country have banded together when disasters strike to get power back on for their customers. Late last month during Hurricane Ian, AEP Ohio sent nearly 600 employees and contractors—including line personnel, tree crews, damage assessors and crew supervisors—from throughout the state to support power restoration in Florida, North Carolina …

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Armed with an AED, Contractor Saves Customer’s Life

Thanks to an AEP Ohio contract employee, one of our customers was able to survive a pretty scary situation in eastern Ohio. A J.F. Electric crew was replacing poles in the Byesville area and their job stretched into the early evening. They stayed late to complete the work. While returning their equipment from the customer’s …

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Father and Son Share Love of Linework

To celebrate Father’s Day, we sat down with local father and son duo Floyd and Casey Ridenour to learn more about what it’s like working together and sharing a passion for linework. From the time Casey Ridenour was a toddler, he loved the giant toy trucks in his house. Even more so, the lineworker bucket …

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A Family Affair: Tale of Two Brothers

The safety mantra “be your brother’s keeper” takes on special meaning for Ronnie and Larry Holmes. The siblings, who grew up in Ravenna, now both work for AEP Ohio in Canton — Ronnie as a line mechanic and Larry as a work scheduling supervisor. Larry began his lineworking apprenticeship in 2007 and later recruited his …

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Safety Champion Josh Freeman Kept His Word

Doing what you promise is necessary. It’s necessary for building trust; it’s necessary for providing excellent customer service; and it’s necessary for keeping people safe, too. His peers understand this, which is why the AEP Ohio state safety committee named Josh Freeman, a Chillicothe line mechanic, its safety champion for April. Freeman was recently assigned …

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