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Knowledge is Power for Lucasville Meter Specialist

Most people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but not many people take the “awareness” part to heart like Bob Waughtel, a meter specialist out of our Lucasville Service Center. One of Bob’s cousins battled breast cancer in 2020. Her mother, Bob’s aunt, watched as her daughter went through difficult treatments, including a …

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Team Dee Celebrates Cancer-Free Anniversary in Cambridge

Dee Moore is used to taking care of people—she’s a mom, grandma and a work scheduler at the Cambridge garage. She’s protective of her team and doesn’t hesitate to jump in and do what she can to help. She is also known for her infectious smile and for giving warm encouragement on hard days. Before …

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Creating ‘Buzz’ at Buzzard’s Roost Nature Preserve

Did you know pollinators are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food? Animals and insects, like birds, bees, bats and butterflies, help move pollen from flower to flower — this process is essential to our food system and the survival of our native plants and flowers here in Ohio. According …

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Supporting Our Neighbors in Need Down South

For decades, utility companies across the country have banded together when disasters strike to get power back on for their customers. Late last month during Hurricane Ian, AEP Ohio sent nearly 600 employees and contractors—including line personnel, tree crews, damage assessors and crew supervisors—from throughout the state to support power restoration in Florida, North Carolina …

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Armed with an AED, Contractor Saves Customer’s Life

Thanks to an AEP Ohio contract employee, one of our customers was able to survive a pretty scary situation in eastern Ohio. A J.F. Electric crew was replacing poles in the Byesville area and their job stretched into the early evening. They stayed late to complete the work. While returning their equipment from the customer’s …

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