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Meter Servicer Rescues Woman from Frigid Creek

Keith Kull is a 13-year meter servicer who works out of the Belmont Service Center in St. Clairsville. On the afternoon of January 31 he had completed some routine work and was headed back on U.S. Route 250. It was a normal day, “nothing out of the ordinary,” Kull says. But it was also a …

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By ‘Standing Around Watching,’ Jon Powers Kept Someone Safe

Sometimes customers let us know about employees “standing around watching” on a job site. And they’re absolutely right. They are watching. But it’s not what you think. For certain jobs our employees assume the role of Qualified Observer. It’s an important safeguard our company puts into place to help ensure our employees are working safely each and …

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Small Wire, Big Danger: Jeremy Barth Stops a ‘Big Boom’

Capacitors are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment our line workers touch. Capacitors store energy; they build up a charge and must be discharged before any work is done on them. In early December, Line Mechanic-C Jeremy Barth was up in a bucket finishing the installation of a group of capacitors in Southwest …

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One Focus on Customer Satisfaction, Two Times the Recognition

It’s heard in meeting rooms at the AEP Ohio headquarters in Gahanna. It’s written in presentations to colleagues and communities. It’s seen right there on our website, AEPOhio.com. We’re committed to delivering unmatched service. We know what it takes to make that commitment to our customers, and it’s something our employees do every day. With …

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Sean Dugan Didn’t See Evidence of a Pole Fire. But He Kept Looking.

On the night of Sept. 10, Columbus Line Crew Supervisor Sean Dugan responded to a report of a pole fire in Southeast Columbus. Any burning equipment would have been immediately visible in the darkness but, when Dugan arrived at the intersection, nothing was glowing. He took out his flashlight and began diligently inspecting the area …

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