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Canton Crew Spots Copper Theft Danger

Copper theft is a costly crime, it threatens our service reliability and, most importantly, it can be incredibly dangerous. Lineworker Cody Lambert and Line Crew Supervisor Brant Phillips are being applauded by their peers at AEP Ohio for recently spotting a hazardous situation in Canton. Lambert and Phillips had pulled safely to the side of …

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Outreach Energizes Local Coffee Shop

“Beneficial electrification” is our way of saying there are advantages to using electricity instead of gas or other fossil fuels. AEP Ohio has a team of energy advisors dedicated to educating our customers on these advantages of making the switch, which include improved efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and improved productivity, safety and quality. Our team …

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A daily forecast view. Temperatures between 70-80 degrees and heavy rain or storms predicted each day. A daily forecast view. Temperatures between 70-80 degrees and heavy rain or storms predicted each day.
From Storm Watcher to AEP Meteorologist

A self-proclaimed “weather nerd,” AEP’s Meghan Klee has always been fascinated by weather. She has fond childhood memories of watching storms roll across the Indiana landscape alongside her father and grandfather —and when lacking a storm to follow in reality, binging movies like “Twister” and “The Perfect Storm.” Weather In Her Veins Meghan often found …

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Vince Boggs Hits 50 Years with AEP Ohio

AEP has 16,800 employees; only have worked at the company for 50 years. Vince Boggs joined this exclusive club June 10. Boggs, a line crew supervisor in Steubenville, was 21 years old when he was hired in 1971. He had worked at a porcelain fabricating plant (pouring cement shower basins), at a brass manufacturer (making …

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Advocating and Honoring Pride 365 Days a Year

Julia Klingenberg joined AEP in 2005 in Supply Chain and Procurement and has been chair of AEP’s Pride Partnership employee resource group for just a few short months. Already, she has seen why groups like this are so important — and the impact they can have advocating for vulnerable populations. “Within days senior leaders had …

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Jeff Jackson Finds Love, Belonging at AEP Ohio

For the LGBT community, coming out is hard, no matter when or how it happens. We spoke with Jeff Jackson, a work scheduling assistant in Columbus, about his journey – and how he found love along the way. “I’ve been pretty open about being gay since I was about 18 or 19. So, it’s never …

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