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Team Dee Celebrates Cancer-Free Anniversary in Cambridge

Dee Moore is used to taking care of people—she’s a mom, grandma and a work scheduler at the Cambridge garage. She’s protective of her team and doesn’t hesitate to jump in and do what she can to help. She is also known for her infectious smile and for giving warm encouragement on hard days. Before …

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Creating ‘Buzz’ at Buzzard’s Roost Nature Preserve

Did you know pollinators are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food? Animals and insects, like birds, bees, bats and butterflies, help move pollen from flower to flower — this process is essential to our food system and the survival of our native plants and flowers here in Ohio. According …

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Local Students Learn About Electricity

The Tuscarawas County Dale Lauren Foland Manufacturing Camp is a four-day exploration into the world of manufacturing for local students entering the seventh and eighth grades. Held at the Buckeye Career Center in New Philadelphia, the goal of the camp is for students to learn about technology and innovation in the manufacturing industry through presentations …

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Lending Our Support to Northwest Ohio

We’re committed to supporting the communities we serve and the passions of our employees who live and work there. We’re celebrating some of our teams’ recent efforts below. Liberty Benton Youth Sports Association Nick Schwab is a meter electrician for AEP Ohio whose two children play in the Findlay area group’s baseball and softball leagues. …

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Circle for Safety Protects 10-Year-Old

Steve Webb, a lineworker in the Lancaster area, was responding to a call in Logan about a customer’s power being out when he spotted a 10-year-old boy practicing his karate moves nearby. After restoring service and talking to the customer, he headed to his truck to finish up some paperwork and let the dispatching center …

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