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Cops and Barbers Delivers Haircuts, Hope

Cops and Barbers kicked off in 2018 thanks to the vision of Columbus Division of Police officer Pete Casuccio and local barber, Robert Cayson. The aim of the initiative is to help inner-city youth start the school year off right by providing them with fresh, back-to-school haircuts and new school supplies.  AEP Ohio is proud …

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Clearing the Path for Reliable Service

Fallen trees and branches are one of the most common causes of power outages. That’s why AEP Ohio has a comprehensive, year-round tree maintenance program to manage trees and brush that grow near or around our power lines and equipment.  And, it’s been shown to improve the reliability of your electric service. Since 2009, our …

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Solar Energy: What You Need to Know

At AEP Ohio, we believe in the promise of clean energy and are committed to helping lead the transition to a brighter future. We want you to be informed before making any decisions about whether solar panels are right for you and your family. Learn more below:         Will I save money by …

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Beat the Heat: Resources Available to You

Is your electric bill higher than normal? From the extreme heat to higher fuel costs, there are a number of factors making a difference on your electric bill.  If you’re experiencing financial hardship or looking for ways to better manage your electric bill, we’ve listed some tips and resources below to help you reduce your …

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Helping Hands Build Home in Lancaster

Earlier this year, members of AEP Ohio’s customer service team helped Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio build its 100th house in the community. Recently, they were back at it again, assisting the organization with its newest build in Lancaster. AEP Ohio customer service account representative Brandy Marshall is based in Lancaster and is in …

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Lineworkers Help Protect Local Wildlife

Eric Madden, a line crew supervisor at AEP Ohio’s South Point service center, was driving to work a few miles from his house when he spotted what looked like an osprey nest high atop one of our utility poles in Haverhill. He quickly recognized the large nest was a fire hazard that threatened our equipment …

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