Many of our communities have been impacted by the rapid series of storms that hit the state over the last several weeks. This year, the weather has proven to be very unpredictable, and we know how frustrating it has been for those who have been without power. Our team truly appreciated your kind words and understanding as we worked to restore electricity as quickly and safely as possible.

Today, as we acknowledge Lineworker Appreciation Day, we want to give a special shoutout to our crews for their hard work and dedication throughout these extreme, weather-related events. Since the beginning of March, more than 5,000 field personnel have worked tirelessly to repair nearly 200 miles of power line and replace over 500 broken poles — restoring power for more than 400,000 total customers. 

Lineworkers are the backbone of our team. Please join us in saying “thank you” to these hardworking men and women by submitting your message of appreciation in the comments below.

25 responses to “Navigating Severe Weather, Together

  1. Thank You!
    You consistently provide excellent service and restore any interruptions caused by storms. I appreciate AEP!

  2. Thank you to all the field workers that risk their lives and all their hard work to make sure we get our energy back as soon as possible. Or make sure we don’t lose it in the first place. You are all greatly appreciated.


  4. They’re up on poles in weather that would keep me off my porch. I think of them every time. Thank you.

  5. we know you did your best bad weather has a effect on us all we know you did your best no one can control the weather we are just so happy you were their we know you suffer as much as us you deserve thanks you line workers get some rest you earned it

  6. I am extremely grateful for you professionalism and dedication to the very dangerous job of “Lineman”. It goes without saying that I applaud your efforts and continually pray for your safety.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We appreciate your hard work! What would we do without you???? You do a great job under hard circumstances.

  8. Thank you for the job you do, and to your families for their time also. From dispatch to those who keep the trucks running, we are grateful to all AEP employees who keep the power on.

  9. Thanks to all the linemen for working hard to keep all our lights on. Though bad weather, long hours away from home thanks to your families too.

  10. I really appreciate your work getting the electricity back on on those occasions when it goes out. It happened to me twice last year.

  11. We appreciate the hard work from AEP employees and other workers who help to keep our power running! We know this takes a toll on you and your family members.

  12. Many thanks to all of the gals and guys who worked tirelessly day and night to restore power during and after the two big windstorms Northeast Ohio had on two weekends. We did not lose power at our house, but one neighbor did after a tree brought down their power line. We didn’t lose any trees, either, but several HUGE trees came down at houses within 3 blocks of our house. I think one AEP crew had to walk in to get to transmission lines that run behind houses on two parallel streets.
    Thanks to everyone! Be safe !

  13. Thanks for all the Great work done by all the line workers in the Sardinia area during the last storm.Fred & Connie zBattd

  14. Thank you God for the extra time and safety that all you guys do. My son is finishing up his Lineman classes from our local vocational school and his Class A CDL class hoping to be a part of your AEP crew.

  15. I believe AEP has done a great job in keeping up with outages! I have been a ver pleased customer for these past many years. Thank you AEP of Southern OH!

  16. Thank you so much for all your hard work, stressful days and sleepless nights repairing storm damage to the lines so we can have our electricity restored. We appreciate YOU more than you know. Thank you!

  17. Thank you for all you do to reassure that customers like myself have the electricity back up and running. Your job is dangerous and risky and that makes you very important.

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