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Promoting Diversity, Equity in our Communities

Black History Month serves as a reminder of the critical work ahead at AEP for promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. AEP Ohio and the AEP Foundation are putting words into action. In addition to encouraging our workforce to focus personally on pushing for change, the foundation has established a five-year, $5 million “Delivering on the …

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Kyle’s Kicks Bring Shoes to Nelsonville-York Elementary

Kyle Keiffer’s memory is staying alive and well in southeastern Ohio, one pair of shoes at a time. Kyle died of heart disease in 2016 during surgery. He was 26 years old. Because Kyle loved shoes, his family thought it would be nice to start an annual Christmas tradition of donating shoes in his name …

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Northeast Ohio: In Case You Missed It

In case you missed these posts on our social channels, keep reading to learn what our team at AEP Ohio has been up to in northeast Ohio over the past few weeks. To make sure you never miss another post featuring your community, be sure to follow us on social media:          …

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Belmont College Awarded $10K for Burn Training Facility

Customer Account Manager Mike Sikora joined AEP Ohio in April 2021, so he wasn’t involved in the initial application process that awarded Belmont College $10,000 for its new Burn Training Facility. He has deep connections to it though; not only is Belmont College now one of his customers but Sikora was a graduate of the …

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Employees in Northwest Ohio Round Up Boxes and Boxes of Winter Clothes

With a rise in COVID-19 cases prompting increased vigilance at AEP Ohio, our Western District employees weren’t sure how to most effectively and safely give back to their community. They wouldn’t let this challenge stop them though, and they quickly banded together for a first-time winter accessories drive that surpassed expectations. Employees in our six …

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AEP Ohio Helps with ‘Growing Lucasville’

Lucasville is one of the few communities in southern Ohio without a park. With some help from AEP Ohio, that will soon change. AEP Ohio has donated $50,000 to Growing Lucasville Opportunities (GLO) – $25,000 this year and $25,000 next year – to help build a park on Robert Lucas Road about two miles from …

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