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Honoring Black Contributions In Energy

One way we’re celebrating Black History is by acknowledging the contributions of some inspiring men and women who have made a difference in the energy industry. Hazel O’Leary Hazel O’Leary served as the seventh United States Secretary of Energy. She was the first woman and the first African American to hold this position. Hazel changed …

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Helping Expand Community WiFi

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the challenges many face with reliable access to WiFi across Appalachian Ohio. Internet connectivity offers access to necessities like education, health care and work opportunities. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) to address this challenge and help add new public WiFi access points in communities …

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Need Help On Your Bill? Our Team is Here for You. If you’re facing unexpected financial challenges related to COVID-19, please let us know. Our team is here to help find a flexible payment solution that works for you. Reach out to our Customer Solutions team and we’ll talk it through to help get you …

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Wildlights BOGO Discount for AEP Ohio Customers

Did you know? AEP Ohio helped the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium convert nearly 3 million holiday lights into energy efficient LED bulbs, creating one of the most spectacular light displays in central Ohio. Those LED bulbs have helped the Zoo use 70 percent less energy during Wildlights. You can enjoy Wildlights, efficiently powered by AEP Ohio, …

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Saving Energy, Building Career Skills at Ross Correctional Institution

Ross Correctional Institution (RCI) may seem like any other prison. But it’s different. Located in Chillicothe, Ohio, RCI has a unique program designed to decrease the number of inmates returning to prison. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than half of all inmates return within three to five years. One big reason is …

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AEP Ohio Helps Open Bluffton Bike Path

The Lions Way Bentley Path is now open in Bluffton. AEP Ohio was one of the many community partners who made it happen. For construction to move forward on the public works project, four of our utility poles needed to be moved. AEP Ohio also moved poles during the completion of earlier sections and will …

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