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Get Ahead of Cold Weather

It’s already getting cooler outside — and with winter just around the corner, now is the time to get ahead of your bills. From higher fuel costs to the age of your furnace, there are many factors that can impact your electric bill. Homes with electric heating systems can see especially large jumps.   Keep …

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Fire Prevention: Scary-Good Safety Tips

This week is National Fire Prevention Week, a time dedicated to raising awareness to dangers that could be haunting your home. With electrical hazards being a leading cause of house fires, it’s important to practice scary-good safety to protect yourself and your loved ones. Learn more below about what you can do to ward off …

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Gear Up for Game Time: Emergency Prep Tips

It’s National Preparedness Month — that means it’s time to put on your game face, hit the field, defend your turf and go all in on getting ready for the unexpected. Here’s what you need to know to create a game-winning strategy.    Coach’s Tip: Create a detailed playbook outlining your step-by-step actions in the …

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Emergency Preparedness: Ways to Stay Safe

September is National Preparedness Month. Follow these simple tips to help keep you and your family safe, prepared and connected in the event of an emergency. Outline Your Guide Create a detailed plan of action outlining your step-by-step approach in the event of severe weather or disaster. Identify a safe area, such as a basement or storm shelter …

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Pop Quiz: Savings & Assistance For You

It’s back-to-school season and that means it’s time for a pop quiz. Study up and school yourself on the savings and payment assistance options AEP Ohio offers. How did you do? Whether you need a little extra time to pay or are looking to better manage your budget, these are just a few of the …

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Solar Energy: What You Need to Know

At AEP Ohio, we believe in the promise of clean energy and are committed to helping lead the transition to a brighter future. We want you to be informed before making any decisions about whether solar panels are right for you and your family. Learn more below:         Will I save money by …

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