Spooky season is coming to an end, but did you know there are ghoulish creatures lurking in your home all year long? Your idle appliances and devices in standby mode – known as energy vampires or phantom energy – can take a bite out of your monthly electricity usage. Read on for three ways to ward off this energy waste.

Unplug it
Plugged-in chargers and electronics draw power even when they’re in standby mode or not in use. With all the devices that are part of our daily lives, the energy use can really add up. Unplug those power bricks and electronics when you’re not using them.

Be smart
Work smarter not harder by letting power strips do the heavy lifting. Smart power strips and plugs can be programmed to cut power to devices when they’re not needed, helping to trim energy costs.

Choose wisely
When shopping for everything from light bulbs to appliances to heating and cooling systems, opt for ENERGY STAR® certified products. ENERGY STAR products meet strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, helping you save money and energy.

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2 responses to “Ward Off Phantom Energy in Your Home

  1. Why can’t you give me my watts by month! You write and tell me I am using to much electricity. How do you know that if you can’t show me.???!

    1. Peggy, your bill should show a history of your kilowatt-hour usage. If you have questions about your account, please give our customer solutions team a call at 800-672-2231 and they’ll be happy to go over any concerns you have.

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