As temperatures continue to warm up, you’ll probably find yourself adjusting your thermostat. However, keeping your home cool and comfortable could impact your electric bill. Explore the tips and resources below to help reduce your energy usage and make your monthly bill more predictable this summer. 

Bill Assistance Tool

Our bill assistance tool is a great place to find information about what programs are right for you and your family. Log into your account at to take an easy, 2-minute survey about your household and see your options. 

Bill Assistance Tool


Average Monthly Payment 

Our Average Monthly Payment (AMP) plan spreads the costs of cooling and heating over the whole year. That means you’ll pay roughly the same amount during scorching months and freezing months as you pay during off-peak months. Learn more and enroll today by visiting

*AMP is only applicable to AEP Ohio charges. If you participate in Ohio Choice and want to enroll in a budget plan for generation supply charges, please contact your generation provider.


Set Up High Bill Alerts

Stay on track with your electric use by signing up for alerts when your bill is trending higher than normal. We’ll send a notice when your bill is projected to be 30% higher than the same time last year. If preferred, you can also customize your budget threshold based on a particular dollar amount. 

Sign up today here. If you’re already registered, double-check that your contact information is up to date.


Energy Dashboard

Don’t forget to check your online Energy Dashboard for personalized savings tips to help lower your monthly electric bill. Log into your AEP Ohio account to:

  • Compare month-by-month usage data 
  • See your highest day of use 
  • Analyze your energy usage
  • Get energy savings tips

Energy dashboard trends

To learn more about ways to stay cool and save this summer, visit

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  1. Yo si no estoy de acuerdo con las alzas de pago, ya que yo no prendo el termostato de frio ni el calenton lo he prendido todo el invierno…pero cada mes desde el año pasado ha subido..actualmente me encuentro sin trabajo. Me dieron ley of…ya tengo 5 meses y..trato de no usar mucho las luces..deben ver eso..

    1. Hola Elena. Entendemos su situación. Por favor habla con nuestros expertos que te pueden ayudar con tu factura. Llama a 800-672-2231.

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