AEP Ohio helps power our communities, both big and small. And that applies to donating to local charitable events of all sizes, too. We’re committed to encouraging the passions of our employees who live and work in southeastern Ohio, and that recently included support for the Gallipolis in Lights holiday display.

Downtown Gallipolis has many small shops and restaurants that are bustling during the holiday season as out-of-towners flock to see the lights.

During the event, holiday music and thousands of lights fill the Gallipolis City Park from dusk until dawn Nov. 23 through Jan. 2. As part of the Ohio Holiday Lights Trail, the display attracts visitors from across the state — and from outside Ohio, too — and can be seen from across the Ohio River in West Virginia.

“It’s a pretty big display and helps bring commerce to the area,” says Deanna Gilliland, a program coordinator with AEP Ohio who grew up in Gallipolis. “It’s a free event and is really special — especially for such a small town.”

Melissa Clark, customer and external affairs manager for southern Ohio, lives in Gallipolis. Like Deanna, she believes that by donating to small-town groups and initiatives, AEP Ohio helps reinforce its commitment to communities of all sizes.

“AEP Ohio supports these events to bring families and neighbors together,” said Melissa. “I love how our company invests in the community, values local organizations and supports volunteering. Personally, I really appreciate the time and effort everyone puts in to make these events successful. I know how much the community appreciates it when we all work together.”

4 responses to “Lighting Up Gallipolis

  1. I drove down to Gallipolis last night with a friend and was pleasantly surprised with the change in display just from a couple of years ago. I loved the Peanuts display even in the businesses. It’s closer for me where I live to go to Athens but I used to work in Gallipolis and we love Tuscany’s for dinner. I don’t think Athens has anything like this. If they do it’s a well-kept secret. Thank you for your awesome partnership!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I go to Gallipolis every year to see the lights. It is amazing! It’s not Christmas for me until I see this beautiful display. The citizens of Gallipolis should be so proud. They have brought lots of joy to so many people.

  3. I used to live right on the park in Gallipolis. This is the first I’ve heard of the event. Thanks for the publicity!

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