Even though it’s only May, 2023 is stacking up to be another record-breaking year for our economic development. In only four months, we have worked with 20 businesses that are expected to bring over 860 megawatts of new capacity onto our system and create over 1,800 jobs.

This early success is outpacing the 31 projects announced in 2022, which resulted in over 4,000 direct jobs and more than 700 megawatts of capacity. The new business creates financial rewards that benefit customers across our entire service territory.

Left to right (including the three scholarship winners):
Cole Massie, Director of Economic Development, University of Rio Grande; Jennifer Price, Executive Director, Ohio Economic Development Association; Gwynn Stewart, Community Development Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Noble County; Brent Stevens, Executive Director, Van Wert Area Economic Development Corporation

Ranking among the world’s largest economies, Ohio’s rich resources and diverse industries are extremely attractive to prospective customers. That’s why – in collaboration with local, regional and state partners – we continue to accumulate impressive economic development wins, both in new business and several manufacturing and data center customers announcing expansions around the state.

We also maintain a robust pipeline of new opportunities, too. While Central Ohio is seeing unprecedented growth, we have active opportunities across our entire service territory covering a wide range of industries.

Project activity is strong but we’re also focused on ensuring our communities are prepared for growth. Our economic development and customer experience teams regularly strategize with our business partners on-site identification and development. Together, we assess utility infrastructure and other important criteria such as land ownership, transportation options and due-diligence studies.

Helping educate our economic development partners remains another priority. In March, we hosted a training session on electricity pricing for statewide project managers at JobsOhio and provided three scholarships to the Ohio Basic Economic Development Course. This week, we’re also kicking off a four-part webinar series for our statewide partners on Economic Outlook; AEP and AEP Ohio Strategy & Initiatives; Deregulation; Pricing and Renewables; and Working Together.

2 responses to “AEP Ohio’s Economic Development Success Continuing in 2023

  1. How can I find out what is using the most electricity in my home? Call me at 614-580-8527. I have bee paying at the least DOUBLE what I have paid last year for at least the last six months. My December 2022 bill was almost $700.
    My Jan 2023 bill was over $600
    February 2023 was over $500
    March 2023 was over $400
    April 2023 was almost $400
    May 2023 and June over $750
    Our weather was very mild for this time of year as Ohio weather is usually much more frigid!!!

    1. Maureen, I’m sorry to hear that your bills have increased. There are good reasons for this but I am also unable to access your account here to investigate. I have sent your inquiry to our customer service department and someone will be in touch with you soon to help. Thank you — have a nice day.

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