As driving conditions worsen over the winter months, the likelihood of an auto accident increases and so does the chance of crash-related power outages. Consider using the same tips that AEP Ohio lineworkers follow to help you stay safe behind the wheel this season.

Be Prepared

Before you hit the road, make sure your vehicle is equipped for the journey. Make sure that your tires are inflated and have plenty of tread. Keep a winter weather emergency kit in your car that includes a window scraper, flashlight, bottled water and a blanket in case of an emergency.  

Stay Focused

You should always keep your eyes on the road, especially in winter weather. It’s important that we eliminate distractions while driving, because we all have loved ones that we want to return home to. Avoid these distractions to keep you safe:

  • Using your phone
  • Fixing your makeup
  • Eating or drinking on the go
  • Fidgeting with the radio and your music
  • Adjusting your navigation system
  • Reaching for items

Keep Your Distance

It takes longer to slow down on slick roads, so increase your following distance to five seconds behind the car in front of you. The extra space will give you more time to stop and provide you with greater control of the vehicle. 

Be Smart About Braking

When driving in the snow, slow, steady and consistent is best. Avoid stopping completely if you can; it takes a lot more inertia to start moving from a full stop than it does to keep rolling. Use this momentum to get up hills rather than applying extra gas.

Parking Safety

Once you arrive at your destination, pull through or back into your parking spot. You are more likely to get into an accident when reversing out of a parking space when you leave.

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