National Preparedness Month is the perfect time of year to plan ahead. Knowing what to do when a disaster strikes is critical for keeping you and others safe at home and work. Start by assembling an emergency kit that takes into consideration your specific needs. Take this short quiz to test your knowledge on what should be in your kit and find out if you’re ready for the unexpected.

Stay Connected During Outages
Even if the power’s out, there are a few different ways for you to stay informed about the progress our crews are making to restore your power. 

Important Safety Reminders
Remember, all downed lines are dangerous — they carry an electric current that can cause serious or even fatal injuries. If you encounter a fallen wire, keep yourself and others far away. Call 911 and AEP Ohio immediately.

Also, make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors around your home or business and that they have fresh batteries installed and are working properly. 

Visit for additional info about what to do before, during and after an emergency.

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