Thanks to a curated collection of upgrades and practices, the Zanesville Museum of Art exhibits how a non-profit organization can save on its operating costs. The museum recently used AEP Ohio’s Energy Advantage Program to receive free coaching, assessments and tools for energy savings.

“Each dollar we save in energy costs is a dollar that can be invested in our educational programs,” said Fred Orr, the museum’s facilities technician.

AEP Ohio Energy Advantage Coach Michael T’Kach worked alongside Orr and museum staff to pinpoint efficiency opportunities throughout the 32,000-square-foot facility. In four galleries, the partnership revamped lighting with LEDs. 

“The LEDs make the artwork come alive, and the cooler bulbs provide an environment conducive to preservation,” said Orr. Features include replacing 50 halogen lamps with 7W LEDs, and swapping out 100 90W incandescent lights with 13W LEDs.

Beyond the lighting improvements, HVAC upgrades were made. Two high-efficiency condensing boilers replace natural gas, and centralized thermostat controls enhance temperature management in unoccupied areas.

Additionally, Energy Coach T’Kach worked with the museum team on changing their energy use pattern, such as staggering daily equipment startup to avoid high peak demand. 

By the numbers, the museum’s collection of equipment and practice improvements appear to be an efficiency masterpiece, on pace for a 23.4 percent reduction in annual kilowatt hours (kWh).

Our energy efficiency programs will conclude on September 30, 2020 due to Ohio House Bill 6. AEP Ohio has enjoyed working with you, and we value the relationship we’ve built together. Moving forward, we strongly encourage you to continue to look for ways to save energy and money. 

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