The next generation of power restoration equipment is rolling into AEP Ohio’s service territories.

The Altec TDA58 can reach 60 feet into the air and more easily navigate soft, muddy ground and tight, confined spaces.

The Columbus Southeast and Findlay garages are now home to the Altec TDA58 (aka a “backyard bucket”), a vehicle that is smaller and taller than similar models.

What makes the backyard bucket unique is its extended reach and ability to navigate tough terrain and tight, confined spaces inaccessible by bucket truck. This is true especially in urban neighborhoods where accessing lines often requires line workers to physically climb poles or rent expensive equipment.

The backyard bucket is also able to more easily drive through soft, muddy ground. The large footprint of the vehicle’s tracks spreads out its weight and allows it to gain additional traction in damp conditions, causing less property damage than a bucket truck might.

The higher reach of the Altec TDA58 is another valuable asset: its boom reaches 60 feet into the air – considerably higher than the 37 feet of smaller backyard machines.

Columbus Southeast was AEP Ohio’s first garage with the latest backyard bucket; in fact, it was the first across AEP’s entire footprint. Other locations are considering orders but for now the use of this highly specialized vehicle won’t be commonplace – they’re expensive and will be deployed only when necessary.

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