There are lots of things you can do to use less electricity and save money each month, such as unplugging electronics and underutilized appliances, controlling the temperature in your home, turning off lights you’re not using, weatherizing your home, using light emitting diode (LED) bulbs and changing your furnace and air conditioning filters.

AEP Ohio also offers a number of incentives and rebates to help you save money while cutting back on energy use in your home, including:

  • Home Energy Profile: Complete a short survey to receive free, personalized energy efficiency tips and a free kit of energy efficient products.
  • Appliance Recycling: We’ll pick up your old, working refrigerator or freezer and give you $50 for it.
  • Home Rebates: You can get money back when you make energy efficient updates to your home or purchase select ENERGY STAR® certified appliances.
  • Efficient Lighting Discounts: You save money on select ENERGY STAR® LED lighting products either through AEP Ohio’s Online Lighting Store or at participating retailers.

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2 responses to “How can I save money on my bill?

  1. Hi….. I want to turn off my water heater during peak times….. Can you help with that?

    Also, I have an electric car. Can I get a rebate for using it?

    1. Hey Scott. Unfortunately, we don’t have offerings for the issues you mention. These are ideas we are exploring but they aren’t available yet. Stay tuned.

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