AEP Ohio has many amazing women in its ranks: engineers, mechanics, technicians, customer advocates, analysts, advisors and management, just to name a few. As we honor Women’s History Month, we want to celebrate a few of our team members who inspire us.

Julie Sloat, AEP Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Inspired by the words of her father, “luck is what happens when you work real hard” and a family history in energy, Julie’s career has unfolded “as a patchwork of experiences that has prepared me for every step along my career path.”

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Tiffany McClelland, AEP Ohio Lineworker 

If you call her superwoman, you wouldn’t be wrong — just ask her kids. Once you get to know her, you’ll see why. As a lineworker in the Chillicothe area, Tiffany McClelland helps keep the power flowing for customers. She takes pride in her work, and loves seeing customers smile. But her work ethic and positive attitude go well beyond the line.

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Renee Shumate, AEP Ohio External Affairs Manager 

Her strength comes from her mother’s stories of triumphs, challenges and perseverance. As an External Affairs Manager for AEP Ohio, she takes pride in maintaining strong relationships with community and government leaders.

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Dee Swartz, AEP Ohio Senior Engineer 

She interned for AEP in 1992, which began her 30-year path of jobs that taught her a toolbox of different skills. She designed control panels, sold technical software, welded equipment, wired panels, pulled cable and fed conduit. Her roles were varied, but the love for figuring things out stayed the same. Today she evaluates outages and offers recommendations on how to improve your electric service.

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Jill Newland, AEP Ohio Meter Team

Jill has worked at AEP Ohio for more than 20 years and serves all of Western Ohio. She helps oversee our electric meter teams in the field  — making sure meters are safely installed, working properly and read correctly. 

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2 responses to “Celebrating Women in Power

  1. I’m glad to see women being praised. I’m from the era girls had to wear skit’s to school & if it was cold wear pants under the skirt. I also took a class that I agreed I would never ask credit for. Some of the today’s crowd does not know how hard it was to get equal pay for equal work. I worked a job that mt male counter part made $, I made $7.52.

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