As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re recognizing a few women at AEP who inspire us. 

Plan. Do. Check. Adjust. 

These are the words our field crews live by – to keep themselves and the community safe. And, for Julie Sloat, executive vice president and chief financial officer of AEP – and former president of AEP Ohio – they’ve helped power her life and career journey. We spoke with Julie to hear about her inspirational journey and the energy that has propelled her. 

Inspired by the words of her father, “luck is what happens when you work real hard” and a family history in energy, Julie’s career has unfolded “as a patchwork of experiences that has prepared me for every step along my career path.” 

Read below as Julie shares more about herself, her job and advice for those interested in a career in energy.

How did you get into this business and how have you seen it evolve over the years? 

When I think about how I found the utilities industry, I have to say it actually found me. I got my start during college as a waste water department rate analyst working with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). After college, I covered electric utilities as a buy side equity analyst and also held a role in debt underwriting at Bank One where one of my names under coverage was AEP. As I grew in my role, I continued doing more with utilities, before landing at AEP.

As we look forward, the world is changing, but the entire universe is moving in the same direction towards clean energy. It’s a movement, not a moment. We also have more diversity in thought, beliefs and perspectives. We’re talking about all the possibilities of the future. It’s pretty cool. 

Is there one experience that stands out for you? 

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about all I learned while leading AEP Ohio. When asked to take on this new role, I embraced the opportunity. It changed my life. It’s been the best experience. I think back to it every day. It’s made me better at my job. I make better decisions as a result of having that experience. 

Who inspires you? 

I’m so inspired by my team: you guys are my motivation. I know how hard they work. I’m blessed that they want to help me as I know how serious they take their jobs. I hope I deserve that, and I work really hard so I don’t disappoint them. 

What advice would you give to young women and girls looking to pursue a career in energy/STEM fields?

Please pursue it! Why wouldn’t you? It’s a ton of fun. You can do this. There isn’t any reason as a young female that you can’t get into this space. The world needs you. Do it. Absolutely, do it. 

I love this space, because it touches the entire world and makes my world bigger, in return. Please join us, we’ve got room for you. 

There’s a space for everyone here. We need your energy. We need you. Come join us. 




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4 responses to “Julie Sloat: Inspired by Her Team

  1. I have shared your story and wisdom with my Daughter who is in her last year of HS and Community College. She was frustrated last year when her calculus instructor did not show up and she was forced to teach herself Calc. Her final was challenging but she completed with a high grade and overall gpa of 4.1. Hard work and courage will bring opportunities. Thanks for inspiring Gabby as she wants to pursue an engineering degree from Iowa State next year. Courage, strength, hard work and inspirational leadership will guide AEP into the next 100 years. Thank you!

  2. I am furious with AEP I am looking for a new home away from your service area. I was told and it is recorded and documented in February I had a 40.00 credit on my account, towards the The next month I get a bill for 875. Was told I wasnt billed correctly for Oct Nov Dec, how can you legally do that. I don’t think you can and Im going to see a lawyer. I requested a payment arrangement I get 1200 a month disability what other choice did I have, then they couldn’t even tell me what day of the month the 60 had to be paid. You’re horrible AEP!

    1. Hi Wendy,

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with your bill. Please reach out to our customer service team at 800-672-2231 or message them on Facebook or Twitter. They can pull up your account and answer any questions you have.

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