In January’s newsletter, we shared all of the work we accomplished last year to help make our system more resilient — but we’re not done. As part of our continued effort to provide you with more reliable service, we’ve laid out our planned upgrades for 2023 and are already off to a great start. Learn more below about what we’ll be working on in Central Ohio.

2023 Planned Improvements by the Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC)

  • Inspect XX circuits and XX miles of power lines to find and fix issues proactively
  • Complete XX pole inspections
  • Replace XX electric poles that have been damaged due to age, weather or insects
  • Add new smart technology to XX circuits to automatically reroute your power away from problems, like downed power lines
  • Install XX sensors to help us to better pinpoint issues

For more information and to see our crews in action, check out this video.

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