When people think of an AEP Ohio employee, they often picture a line worker. AEP Ohio has a strong engineering work force as well. Do you know how many engineers are employed by AEP Ohio?

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AEP Ohio employs 33 individuals in an engineering role. These employees range from less than one to more than forty years of experience with the company and bring a lot of knowledge to the table. This count does not include employees who hold a professional engineering license, but may serve in other capacities within the company.

TRUE or FALSE? AEP Ohio's engineering department in total has more than 750 years of company experience.

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This is TRUE and just one example of the knowledge and experience our engineering team brings to the communities we serve!

Which of the following is a core responsibility of AEP Ohio engineering?

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AEP Ohio engineers are responsible for all of these critical tasks.

Which of the following is NOT a specialized engineering field found within AEP Ohio?

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Trick question! Although AEP Ohio does not have a "Power Safety" division of engineering, safety is engrained in all parts of the company and the work we do. If you should ever encounter a downed line or other hazardous situation, please STAY AWAY and contact AEP Ohio immediately to take care of the problem.

February 21 - 27 is dedicated in recognition of what profession?

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This was an easy one...engineers, of course! National Engineers Week is recognized February 21 - 27 to celebrate the important work and innovation engineers bring to our world. Happy Engineers Week to all of our engineers!

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