Many of our communities were impacted by the winter storm that hit during the holidays when high winds brought down trees and power lines across the state. After the storm hit, our crews quickly jumped into action to assess the damage and determine the resources needed to make repairs. We also worked closely with PJM, the regional grid operator, to monitor the condition of the electric grid and assess the impact of the weather to determine if conservation would be necessary. 

For those directly impacted by the storm, we know it wasn’t easy to be without power, especially with the cold temperatures and during the holiday season. Our team truly appreciated your understanding as we restored power in the hardest hit areas as quickly and safely as possible, and for your diligence in helping us conserve energy and protect the grid during the extremely low temperatures. Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter for additional details on the big picture of how we work to keep your lights on. 


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14 responses to “A Winter Storm Thank You

  1. It could have been worse. Christmas weekend when it was so cold, the power stayed on. Next weekend power was out but temperatures were much milder. You guys so a great job that few see or appreciate.
    Thank you.

  2. I lost my furnace during this last epic cold spell, it just could not keep up at 2* and a windchill of 20* we lasted here two days with no heat other than our stove and four space heaters which really did not do much. Finally, we were forced from our home and into a hotel after two days (the eve of Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve itself) as no one would come to repair the furnace and a new one as a result could not be ordered…absolutely the worst time to be without power. My question is this since my insurance is not paying how do people survive such an incident and how do people seek shelter in such times? What is available to people in such an incident?

    1. Terrilyn, I am so sorry to hear about this. There is never a good time to be without power and, yes, it can be especially unfortunate when the weather is very cold. In instances such as these we urgently ask people to seek out a local warming shelter or other community help so that residents can stay safe. We try to post these locations on our outage map so that our customers know where to go. Safety is ALWAYS our No. 1 priority — for our employees, the public and the customers we serve. Thank you for writing us — please be safe!

  3. To help in your effort to lower our bills. I shut off the heat pump and turned on the gas furnace.

    Thanks for your help.

  4. So grateful for the linemen who have to go out in the weather and restore our electric. Thank you so much.

  5. Many thanks to those who were out in the frigid temperatures working to restore power. Our power was out only six hours. Only? Yes, compared to others who were out much longer, we were blessed.
    God bless all of you! Take care.
    Carol Miller

  6. From My perspective as an existing customer for a number of years, although I haven’t experienced any of the recent power issues brought on by the winter weather, I have encountered Excellent Service by AEP’s Support Staff and would like to extend My Appreciation to the Entire Company, i.e. Maintenance Staff etc…Thank You.

  7. Thank you for all you do to get power restored asap when it goes out. It is greatly appreciated. You guys are the best!!!

  8. Thank you all so much for taking time away from your family to keep power up and ready for everyone. You go above and beyond and most of the time without a thank you. I THANK YOU EACH AND EVERYONE 👍😊

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