The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for all of us. We understand that many families are experiencing financial troubles. If that’s you, we want to help you get back on track. 

Since March, we’ve temporarily suspended disconnections for non-payment. As part of our return to standard business operations, service disconnections for past due customer accounts recently resumed. Please refer to your September bill for a potential disconnect date on your individual account if it’s past due.

To help you and your family, we’re offering extended payment arrangements in many situations. Reach out to our customer solutions team today, in any of the following ways, to discuss your payment options:

Customers must pay a portion of their unpaid balance to qualify for payment arrangements, and the remaining balance will be added to future bills. We want to help and can work with you to figure out the best way forward.

29 responses to “Trying to Catch Up on Bills?

    1. Hi Michael, without seeing the message unfortunately I can’t say who the message is from. It will be quickest and easiest if you send us a message via Facebook or Twitter or give us a call at 800-672-2231. Sorry for the inconvenience but I can’t access your personal info here. Thank you.

  1. I’m not having any problem paying my monthly bill. I paid on 9/11 and you should have received the payment on 9/15. Please let me know if that is not the case.

    1. Hi. I’m sorry but I am unable to view your account information. We can confirm this but you’ll need to send us a message via Facebook or Twitter or give us a call at 800-672-2231. Thanks.

  2. I just checked my credit union statement and billing service. Somehow, what I did on the 11th was to try to set up ebilling. That form was waiting for me, so now I have entered a $70 payment for Sept. Maybe I can set up ebilling, but it looks like I need another darn user name and password.

    1. Elizabeth, I apologize but you’ll need to either contact us by phone or social media to set up payment arrangements. I can’t help here. So sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. We can help, William. Thank you for asking. Please call us right away at 800-672-2231. We will review your options and talk them through with you.

    1. We can do that, Turqcoise. Unfortunately, I can’t do it here. Please send us a message through Facebook or Twitter or call us at 800-672-2231. Thanks.

    1. Hi Latondress. We can help you with making a payment arrangement. Please send us a message via Facebook or Twitter or call us at 800-672-2231. That way we can pull up your personal account information.

    1. Hi Nora. We are happy to help. Please send us a message via Facebook or Twitter or call us at 800-672-2231 and we will work with you to set something up. Thanks.

  3. Need help getting caught up on my bill due to the coronavirus my hours has been cut back and trying my best to get this caught up

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, Robyn. Yes, we know it’s a very difficult time for a lot of our customers. If you want to talk about possible payment plan options, please send us a message on Facebook or Twitter or give us a call at 800-672-2231.

    1. If you are having problems paying your bill or expect to have problems paying your bill, please call us right away: 800-672-2231. Thank you.

  4. Since the pandemic started my family had to quarantine. Meanwhile my daughter had to quit her position due to covid. My oldest son finances to a loss for quarantine. In the middle of this i had my middle son aged out of my disability. And we have yet to receive that money to benefit my youngest. We applied for food assistance but just now got approved but we have no card to use. If there wasnt for bad luck we wouldn’t have none. In my house is 2 sons a daughter a great niece and nephew as well as a granddaughter. Theres alot of people and serious lack of funds. I have never experienced this type of lack in funds. I hate the pandemic. Im in the at risk group so its hard for me to get out.

    1. I’m so very sorry to hear this, Tracie. It sounds like a really difficult for you, as it is for so many of our customers. We’d like to help if we can. Please call us right away and we will talk through some options.

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