We are always working to provide reliable service to Ohioans. A major part of providing that reliable service is modernizing AEP’s transmission system, which includes 40,000 miles of high-voltage power lines across 10 states.

What is the Transmission System?

Before AEP Ohio can safely deliver power to your home, it must route through the transmission system. Think about when you travel long distances—you likely use freeways and highways. Similarly, our transmission system carries high-voltage power over long distances before it reaches distribution equipment. Stronger, larger steel transmission poles can better withstand extreme weather events. Also, modernized equipment helps us identify and respond to problems quickly while providing greater protection from cyber and physical threats.

Our team is constantly evaluating the transmission system and making proactive improvements to ensure you have the power you need. Unfortunately, almost 11,000 miles of transmission lines will be more than 70 years old within the next decade. By the time a line is 75 years old, the risk of it failing and causing an outage is around eight times greater than when it was 40 years old. That’s why we’re investing today. Time is of the essence because it can sometimes take five years or more to design and build a transmission line. 

What are We Doing in Your Area?

  • Central Findlay: Planned improvements in the Central Findlay area include rebuilding four miles of 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line, installing two miles of overhead 69-kV transmission line and installing one mile of underground 69-kV transmission line. These improvements support the area’s electrical needs and strengthen the local power grid by replacing aging equipment.
  • Findlay: We’re rebuilding eight miles of 69-kV transmission line west of Interstate 75, rebuilding five miles of 69-kV transmission line east of Interstate 75, building two miles of 69-kV transmission line around the village of Van Buren, building five miles of 69-kV transmission line near North Baltimore, rebuilding two miles of 69-kV transmission line between New Liberty and West Melrose substation and rebuilding two miles of 69-kV transmission line near the North Findlay substation. These upgrades are necessary to strengthen the local power grid and to support economic development in the area.
  • Bucyrus/Shelby: We’re making improvements in Crawford and Richland counties. This project involves rebuilding 15 miles of 69-kV transmission line and building 10 miles of 69-kV transmission line. Modern steel poles—which, in some areas, will replace 100-year-old equipment—will reduce the likelihood of power outages and speed restoration when outages occur.

If you’d like to learn more about our transmission projects or are looking for more information, visit AEPTransmission.com/Ohio. Many of our larger projects have an individual page with an interactive map and additional details.

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