DACR, short for Distribution Automation Circuit Reconfiguration, is a new technology that detects a power outage and automatically reroutes the power – minimizing the number of people impacted within minutes.

Check out these videos to learn more about how this technology is an important part of our plan to build a better, faster and smarter grid:


4 responses to “The Magic of DACR Technology Means Fewer Outages

  1. Thanks for sharing your insights on AEP Ohio’s effort to reduce outages with DACR Technology. As a customer, it’s reassuring to know that measures are being taken to improve our service reliability. I’m curious to know more about the impact this technology has had on their overall performance and how it will be developed further in the future.

  2. Great article! I had no idea that DACR technology was responsible for reducing power outages. I’ve experienced my fair share of blackouts in the past, so it’s good to know that there’s a technology working to minimize them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fascinating to learn about DACR technology and its potential to reduce outages. As a residential customer, I’ve experienced my fair share of power outages, and the thought of a more reliable system is promising. Looking forward to seeing the impact of this technology in practice!

  4. I really appreciated the detailed explanation of DACR technology and its impact on reducing power outages. It’s amazing to see the advancements being made in the industry to improve reliability and efficiency. Thank you for sharing this informative post!

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