Dee Moore is used to taking care of people—she’s a mom, grandma and a work scheduler at the Cambridge garage. She’s protective of her team and doesn’t hesitate to jump in and do what she can to help. She is also known for her infectious smile and for giving warm encouragement on hard days.

Before the spring of 2021, Dee never thought she’d need to be the one to be taken care of. Her world was suddenly turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer. Although she jumped right into chemotherapy and treatments, she made a personal commitment to keep working as much as she could. Not only did it give her a feeling of normalcy, knowing she was still taking care of her team at work made her feel useful.

Grateful for everything she does for them, Dee’s team immediately looked for ways to support her, sending cards with notes of encouragement, delivering meals to her home and even raising money to help cover medical expenses. Dee was humbled by the outpouring of support.

“Dee is a very strong person and she has gotten us through many hard days,” said Melody Austin, meter special in Cambridge. “She is always there for us and we will always be there for her.”

As she finished treatments, the team had a final surprise for Dee: wearing ‘Team Dee’ shirts and their pink hard hats, they had one last round of gifts and a check of collected donations. 

They worked, as a team, to get Dee through her cancer journey. Last month, Dee celebrated her first anniversary of being a cancer survivor.

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