It’s important to remember that all downed lines are dangerous— they carry an electric current that can cause serious or even fatal injuries. Please take a few minutes to review these critical safety reminders should you ever find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

What if I see a downed line?

Don’t touch it or anything near it. Even telephone or cable lines can become energized. Keep yourself and others far away and call 911 and AEP Ohio immediately at 800-672-2231.

What if a power line is touching my car?

Imagine you lose control while driving and hit a utility pole. You’re shaken up but unharmed. When the dust settles, you look around and there’s a power line on your vehicle. Stay put and call 911. It’s important that you don’t exit the vehicle unless you’re in imminent danger. Honk the horn, roll down your window and make sure to tell passersby not to come near the vehicle.

What if I have to exit the vehicle?

If you have to exit a vehicle that has come in contact with downed lines, remove loose items of clothing, jump clear of the vehicle, landing with both feet together. Keep your feet together and shuffle or “bunny hop” away from the car.

Do the little ones in your life know the safety rules when it comes to electricity?

Louie the Lightning Bug has you covered with educational resources for kids to learn more about electrical safety. Click here for more information.

Please share this important information with your friends and family. You could save a life.

6 responses to “Downed Lines: Stay Away, Stay Alive

    1. Thanks for letting us know, Rakkan. I have sent your message to the appropriate people here to take care of it soon.

  1. I have some lines on AEP poles that have sagged down to just over 9ft above my driveway (90 Coover Road Delaware, Ohio 43015). AEP came out last week and said it wasnt their problem, it was likely Spectrum or Frontier lines at the lowest level. Apparently they rent space from AEP and its my responsibility to contact them. Spectrum came out today and said nothing they could do, it was AEP’s poles that have moved (leaning). These lines have been hit multiple times in the last 5 days. Someone is going to get hurt soon. One truck pulled the lines about 10 foot not realizing he was hooked onto them. There is a potential for the next truck to pull everything down including the power. Will someone at AEP please address them with the appropriate people internally or address it with their rentals before there is an accident?

    1. Shawn, thank you for letting us know. Someone from our customer solutions team will be reaching out to you. If you want to contact us directly at a time that’s convenient for you, please call 800-672-2231.

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