The Big Game is just days away, and AEP Ohio is offering customers an energy efficient playbook ahead of the game.

With more people likely staying home to watch Sunday’s final showdown, customers could see an increase in energy usage as they prepare for Sunday’s matchup. Below are some tips to keep you on the offense for scoring some super savings.

Call an Audible on the Thermostat:
No need to bring the heat if the entire family is huddled in one room. Setting the thermostat to 68 degrees can keep a home warm and manage heating costs. When the last commercial airs, set the thermostat back another few degrees, so the furnace isn’t running when no one is around.

Sack Un-used Devices:
Unplug energy-using devices like video game consoles, phone chargers and coffee makers that can drive up your electric bill. Get a smart power strip. Also, if a new television for the game is in the budget, consider an ENERGY STAR® model. They are, on average, 25% more energy efficient than traditional models. Shop the AEP Ohio Marketplace for power strips and televisions.

Create a Home-field Advantage with Fans:
Ceiling fans act as receivers for circulating the cool air in the summer and the warm air in the winter. Running your ceiling fan clockwise at the lowest setting in the winter pushes the warm air down and prevents the thermostat from going up.

Intercept the Gridiron Grub:
Punt the oven-cooking for less energy-using appliances like a microwave or slow cooker for your football snacks. If you do use the oven, practice energy efficiency and don’t peek. Use the oven light instead. Each time you open the oven door, a significant amount of heat escapes making your oven work harder to cook the gridiron grub.

An energy savings blitz doesn’t have to happen just for the Big Game. You’ll find more tips for year-round savings at

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