Whether your office space is slowly reopening under new guidelines or you are continuing to work from home, refresh yourself on energy efficiency best practices to help save energy and money. 

Conduct an energy audit. 

Once you get back to the office, take a look around your workspace. Check for opportunities to conserve energy. Unplug things you rarely use, switch out lights with ENERGY STAR bulbs and encourage your coworkers to take part in the audit, too. 

Use a power strip. 

If you have several things plugged in around your workspace, consider using a power strip. When you leave the office, you can easily turn it off and disconnect the power supply altogether — helping you save energy and time. 

Take advantage of technology that helps you save.

Technology often has energy saving software built right in, so look for easy ways to change your settings. An easy fix is turning on the power saving mode on your computer. This will ensure your computer takes a rest when you step away. 

Embrace natural light. 

If the sun’s out, open the blinds in your office to allow the natural light to brighten up the workspace instead of lightbulbs. Just remember that the sun can also impact the temperature inside depending on the temperature outside, so keep blinds closed when the temperatures are too high. 

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