You depend on us for power and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our teams are hard at work every day to make improvements on the electric system in your area. Below are some key 2022 highlights of the work completed in northwest Ohio to reduce outages across the region and increase the resiliency of our systems.

This year, you’ll continue to see our crews upgrading poles, lines and equipment to keep the power flowing to you, our customers. In next month’s newsletter, we’ll share more details on the work we have planned for 2023.

Click here for more information and to see our crews in action.

3 responses to “Reliability Upgrades: 2022 By the Numbers

  1. We live in Hancock County, Ohio. Over the past couple of years you’ve been installing huge, metal utility poles, but it doesn’t seem that any of the older, wood poles have been taken down. What’s the purpose of this change?
    Thanks for informing me!

    1. Good question, Karen! The huge metal utility poles are likely high-voltage Transmission poles, which are different from the poles you might see on your neighborhood streets and carry a lower voltage. We routinely inspect the wooden poles, too, and replace them as necessary. Side note: Supply chain issues are causing some difficulty in getting wooden utility poles so it’s possible you might start seeing steel poles in other areas, too. Thank you for writing!

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