You depend on us for power and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our teams are hard at work every day to make improvements on the electric system in your area. Below are some key 2022 highlights of the work completed in Central Ohio to reduce outages across the region and increase the resiliency of our systems.

This year, you’ll continue to see our crews upgrading poles, lines and equipment to keep the power flowing to you, our customers. In next month’s newsletter, we’ll share more details on the work we have planned for 2023.

Click here for more information and to see our crews in action.

9 responses to “Reliability Upgrades: 2022 By the Numbers

    1. Hi Brad. Thanks for your question – sounds like you’re very familiar with utility industry terminology! Yes, AEP Ohio is exploring the use of an ADMS platform to monitor our system. It’s one of many innovations we’re looking into as we consider the best ways to modernize our grid and integrate new technologies to provide the most reliable service for our customers.

  1. I’ve been hearing that large power transformers takes approximately 1 year to obtain after an order is placed. Is AEP building inventory on these to avoid long-term outages? This item seems to be a major weak link in the energy chain.

    1. Bob: AEP continues to monitor supply chain issues but they are currently not causing any disruptions in our being able to serve customers. Rest assured this remains an important issue for our company — just as it is for other utilities across the country — and we’re making plans to stay resilient and well prepared for the future.

  2. The 2022 Improvements by the Numbers are interesting. The statewide numbers are clear enough but the “regional” numbers in the red boxes are not so clear. I suggest you add a sentence or two explicitly stating the region (central Ohio?) and what counties (Franklin, …) are included. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for this information because as a consumer, with electric home costs almost doubling, it is good to know where our money is going and that we will have, hopefully, more electric reliability.

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