Installing smart devices throughout your business is a great way to reduce your energy usage and save on your monthly bill. And, this technology is simple to use across your office or facility. 

Here are a few ways to incorporate smart devices into your business: 

Adjust Temperatures Anytime, Anywhere

Connecting your phone or tablet to a smart thermostat allows you to control your facility’s temperature digitally — and save energy from the palm of your hand. When away from the business, use the scheduling tool to determine temperature settings to reduce waste and cut back on costs during weekends and other off days. 

Easily Turn the Lights Off

Occupancy sensors determine how long a space has been empty and power down the lights after a certain period of time. Optimize savings by connecting every light switch to these smart sensors. Imagine how much you can save in meeting, storage and rest rooms.

Keep Your Assets Safe

Did you know that connected security cameras, smart locks and alarm systems can safeguard your business? You can control smart security systems from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. Watch a live feed of your facility, or set up the system to notify you of anything out of the ordinary.

Power Down Using Your Voice

If smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa or Google are in use in your business, connect lamps, overhead lights and appliances to control lights and electronics with one simple command. 

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