We know many in our communities were impacted by the winter storm that hit last week — icy conditions brought down trees and power lines across Ohio. We truly appreciated your patience and understanding as we worked to get the power restored in the hardest hit areas as quickly as we safely could.

After the storm hit, our crews quickly jumped into action to assess the damage to our equipment and determine the resources needed to make repairs. In hard to reach areas, we utilized drones and helicopters to get a better look at the damage caused by the storm. Our forestry team also removed downed trees and cleared the way for our lineworkers to restore power. Across the state, we replaced more than 120 poles and restrung over 1,800 spans of electric wire.

For those directly impacted by the storm, we know it wasn’t easy to be without power, especially with the cold temperatures. For those the storm spared, thank you for your words of encouragement. Our community is stronger together and we’re proud to be a part of yours. 

To stay in-the-know when the next storm strikes, be sure to download the AEP Ohio mobile app or sign up for text alerts. Take a look at our storm restoration photo album from Winter Storm Landon here

9 responses to “Powering Up After The Storm

  1. I live in Grove City and lost power on the Sunday that followed the storm. I was only without power for less than 2 hours. This was a blessing and I am very grateful for AEP’s team effort. A big thanks to you and your crews.

  2. I know most of us take you for granted
    It’s only when we flip that switch and nothing happens, that we realize how important you are.
    Thank you for all your hard work and concern for your customers.

  3. Great job! Never the weather is bad and we lose our power I think of you guys out in the horrible weather trying to do your part to get things running again so that we can all be comfortable. Thank you so very very much for all that you do!

  4. When it kept raining ice for so long I was sure our electric would fail and with it the telephone. It is hard to imagine the fortitude of people working outside to repair the damage, crews with frozen toes and fingers, clothing soaked. You all do an amazing job and we are very grateful.

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