At AEP Ohio, we love trees. We just hate power outages. And, like you, we appreciate the outdoors and understand your desire to plant new trees when the weather permits. Your local nursery can help you find the right tree for the right place. Armed with the info below, let them know how far away you need to plant from power lines and they can help recommend the best species.

Fallen trees and branches are one of the most common causes of power outages. One tree limb can knock out power to hundreds or even thousands of customers and can slow down our crews working to get the power back on following an outage.

Before you plant, make sure you consider the lifespan of the plant and its proximity to power lines and equipment. Consider the following:

  • Height. Ensure the tree top will remain more than 10 feet from a power line, even when it’s fully grown.
  • Canopy Spread. Ensure the extended branches will remain more than 10 feet from the power line, even when it’s fully grown.
  • Growth Rate. A slow-growing species is typically stronger and lives longer than fast-growing species.
  • Form or Shape. A columnar tree grows in less space. Round or V-shaped trees provide more shade.
  • What’s Underground. If you want to plant a tree, make sure you don’t run into any underground lines. Call 811 at least 48 hours before you begin any digging project.

Planning for the right tree and the right placement ahead of planting will ensure generations will enjoy its beauty without impacting the reliability of the electric service for your home and neighbors.

Questions? Reach out to our forestry team at or (614) 883.6987.

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