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Michael Garner: Down 89 Pounds and ‘I’m Not Done Yet’

Michael Garner’s dad was not a healthy man. He had several serious medical conditions. He suffered heart attacks at age 28 and 31 and a blood clot and a stroke several years later. He died at age 34. Garner, 47, has been overweight most of his life and has struggled with health problems. For many …

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Hill Honored for 16-Year Commitment to Meals on Wheels

LifeCare Alliance has presented Regulatory Consultant Sherry Hill with the Franklin County Meals-on-Wheels Corporate Partner Spirit Award. Hill was involved with the program for 16 years. Hill’s career at AEP began at the General James M. Gavin power plant in Cheshire, Ohio, where her dad was a welder for 36 years. Hill interned there in …

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Building Stronger Communities, Together

Supporting the community has always been a priority for AEP Ohio. We know that while we work hard to keep the power on, our partners work tirelessly to provide food, shelter, education and critical services to our community. From the Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio to the Sandusky County Food Pantry, read more below …

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Trying to Catch Up On Bills?

We recognize that financial hardships happen — especially during a pandemic — and sometimes you need a little extra support paying your bills. There are options to give you more time to pay, set up payment plans or work with a community agency to help reduce your payment. Payment Extension Get a little more time …

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Beat the Heat with Your Energy Dashboard

As the weather heats up, your air conditioner is working hard to keep your home comfortable. Check out low and no-cost summer savings tips and monitor your home’s energy usage using AEP Ohio’s Energy Usage Dashboard online tool.  Log into your AEP Ohio account to take advantage of these features: Compare Month-by-Month Usage Data After clicking …

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Wooster Line Crew Helps Local Elementary School

Many schools across the country are facing big challenges as a result of the pandemic. When a Wooster line crew saw a chance to help out a local elementary school, they hopped at the chance. Line Servicer Marc Conley was sent to Fredericksburg Elementary School April 15 to disconnect and remove a secondary power line. …

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