Did you know there are many ways electrification can benefit your business’s bottom line? AEP Ohio has a team of experts dedicated to helping your business find ways to meet its sustainability goals — and optimize energy use along the way.

Curious where to start and how we can help? Check out this quick Q&A to learn more.

How can the Energy Advisor team help my business?

Our Energy Advisors are experts on all things related to energy. They work hand-in-hand with our Customer Solutions Team to support our customers. Their offerings include education, tools and resources to help reduce your total energy use and boost your bottom line.

What are the benefits in working us? 

When you work with an energy advisor, we can help you wherever you are in your project. We can help  achieve your sustainability goals, explain the benefits of electrification, find ways to lower your total energy usage, connect you with other electrification vendors and more.

Reach out to an Energy Advisor in your area today

No matter where you are in your energy and sustainability journey, schedule a call today with an energy advisor in your area to find what programs fit best for you and your business. And stay tuned in future newsletters to meet more members of our team and hear how they can help your business.

Find an advisor in your area.


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