When AEP Ohio broke ground in 1999 on its new line school, the company had simple ambitions—to replace its aging facility in southeast Columbus and create a place to train the next generation of lineworkers. More than 20 years later, the distribution training center in Groveport has accomplished these goals and more, including a novel training program. 

The apprenticeship, which includes roughly 175 students annually, was certified by the United States Department of Labor in 2012 for its standards of excellence in instructing distribution lineworkers, who visit two weeks at a time over a four-year period for a total of eight sessions. 

Growing Alongside New Technology & Tools 

The program has evolved through the years and grown with AEP as we’ve updated training for new tools, policies and procedures. The instructors are focused on bringing new adult learning methods and technology into the classrooms.

Others in the utility world also recognize the value in Groveport’s high-quality, safety-oriented program. This year alone, the school added nearly 30 non-AEP students from nearby utilities and other private companies.

In late June, the line school recognized its 100th graduating class.

Graduate Ramsey Mullins, a lineworker at the South Point service center, says the education he’s received has been top-notch.

“The instructors’ willingness to train us sets them apart. They always take time to make sure we fully understand everything we’ve been taught,” he said. “The trainers have a lot of experience, so there’s a wealth of knowledge they can share. They have great attention to detail and put us through day-to-day situations so when we leave, we’re very prepared to do the job in the field.”

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  1. Congratulations to the new lineman and marking the 100th class! Also thanks to all AEP employees that work tirelessly to keep our electric service on no matter what kind of weather their dealing with. Awesome 👏 job to each one. My prayers are always with you for your safety!!

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