Absolutely. If you have any questions about your bill or are having trouble paying it, we’re here to work with you.

We provide a variety of payment options including electronic fund transfer, online, via our app, by mail, by phone and in person.

We also offer a variety of payment plans to help those who need help with their monthly bills. The Average Monthly Payment Plan and Budget Billing Plan are levelized payment options that make bills more consistent throughout the year, even during the winter and summer when you may use more electricity.

We also partner with government agencies and non-profits to help low-income households with their utility bills. For example, Ohio PIPP Plus is a payment assistance program plan that makes monthly payments more affordable on a year-round basis. No matter your situation, we can work with you to customize a plan. Send us an email at help@aep.com or call us at (800) 672-2231.

More info: AEPOhio.com/account/bills

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