A new feature on AEP Ohio’s Energy Dashboard gives you greater insight into what uses the most electricity in your home and how you can save.

But first, are you familiar with the Energy Dashboard? If you don’t know, it’s an online tool that works with your electric meter to help you learn more about your energy usage. With usage data displayed as helpful charts and graphs, you can identify what actions use the most energy throughout your home and make timely changes to save on your monthly bill.

So what’s new? Our Energy Use Breakdown has been expanded to include up to 12 categories — Heating, Cooling, Water Heating, Lighting, Electronics, Oven, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Laundry, Pool, Electric Vehicle and Other — that indicate how much you spend on each for your monthly electric bill. The dashboard also includes helpful energy-saving tips on how to reduce costs for each category.

This information can be especially helpful during the hot summer months when home energy use can increase. Beat the summer heat by using our resources and energy efficiency tips to help minimize the impact on your bill.

How the Dashboard Works

  1. First, log into your AEP Ohio account to take advantage of the dashboard’s features.
  2. Next, complete the 5-minute Home Energy Profile. This survey allows us to gather important information about your home including how big it is, what appliances you use and how frequently you use them, how you heat and cool your home, what temperature you set your thermostat, etc.
  3. Finally, check out the landing page on your dashboard, which will provide a quick glance at how your current bill compares to previous ones. You’ll also get an explanation of what may have caused changes in your energy use (and what you can do about it).

Customers with a smart meter can see their usage data in even greater detail, including which days they use the most energy plus a month-by-month usage chart — right down to 15-minute intervals.

 Weekly Energy Report and High Bill Alerts

Customers with a smart meter can also sign up to receive a weekly energy report or high bill alerts. The weekly energy email includes a week-by-week comparison of your home’s energy use, a bill projection, daily and hourly energy breakdowns and personalized tips. High bill alerts are sent when your usage is trending higher than usual.

You can manage your notification preferences here.

18 responses to “How Much Energy Does Laundry Use? Your Dashboard Shows You

  1. Customers with a smart meter can have their AC turned off when the powers that be determine they need to like what happened in Colorado last summer. No thanks!

  2. Got a letter five years ago or so, Saying switch out your light bulbs to LED to save money Switch out your appliances to Smart appliances, Look at all the money you can SAVE ! So I did – first month yes bill was smaller Next month it was doubled Why , Because you AEP was losing Money. I wasn’t Saving Nothing!! That was a real smart move !!!

  3. Wisconsin has lower rates in later evening and overnight. That would help lower usage/costs for Ohio customers who are able to use the less busy hours.

  4. You should be embarrassed and ashamed for raising my electric bill $76 in one month but you don’t care about an 82 year old retired teacher. You certainly care about your bottom line and how much money you can gouge out of old people to bribe our politicians to vote for your shady deals.

  5. Your answer as to why this months bill was higher than last years July bill was more days in the billing period and weather. You failed to point out that even though my usage was down 11% the cost per kwhr was up 31%. That is the real reason.

  6. If you would like to lower your rate per kwh go to the EnergyChoiceOhio.gov website and look at the alternate electricity providers rates. I switched last month and my rate will go from 11.2 per kwh to 6.69 per kwh. The rates and term length vary per provider. This will save at least $20 per month on the generation portion of my bill if not more and I was able to lock in that rate for 36 months. This site also has alternate Natural gas Providers. It is easy to switch, just call the providers and have your bill in front of you because they need information from your AEP bill. It takes about 30-60 days to switch. Hope this helps anyone looking to save money on utility bills.

  7. Wish I could get a smart meter! I had one in Washington State. It saved me money on my bill as I could do laundry and run the dishwasher at night and on off hours for a lower rate and a nice savings.

  8. We wash our clothes in cold water, have been doing this for years. We have clothes line in garage to hang heavy clothes to dry. then use cold air fluff on the dryer to soften if needed. We run our dishwasher when it is full which may be a week or longer. We have new windows, new heat pump, new roof and keep our blinds pulled in on really hot or cold days. We do not use the garage fridge in the cold months. it was bought new, so if the temp gets down below 40 it shuts off. I think we are doing about everything we can to keep our bills down. But if we are cold we ill turn up the thermostat. If we are to hot we have a small fan we can turn on to help.

  9. I called AEP to ask about the Smart Meter. I was told it was not availabe in area. So I don’t have one but would use it if I did.

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