As our energy efficiency programs are set to end on September 30, 2020, we would like to shine a light on partners who have supported our energy efficiency efforts over the years.

Completed in two short weeks in November 2016, the GOJO® Wooster Campus project included the installation of lighting controls and indoor/outdoor LED (light-emitting diode) upgrades.

Interior HID (high-intensity discharge) lights were replaced with brighter LEDs, which improved color quality and enhanced illumination, making for a more efficient and safer work environment. 

Outside, 115 LED wall-mounted lighting fixtures around the building perimeter replaced 1,000-watt HIDs, and several pole-mounted fixtures were converted to LEDs.

It’s a major upgrade that allowed us to run shipping and receiving operations across three shifts.

  — Harry Ritenour, facilities manager, GOJO Wooster Campus

Lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, zone control and daylight dimming controls were also installed. The lights are monitored and controlled via Wi-Fi, which allows GOJO to detect any issues with fixtures before they fail, adding security and reliability to the system, as well as a big boost in overall efficiency.

So far, this hands-on approach to lighting is pumping out the savings very quickly—over 2.3 million kilowatt hours (kWh). With an annual energy savings of $185,273, the pennies add up.

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