We love fall because that means football season is in full swing. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite professional or collegiate teams, make sure you are celebrating in a safe way. Avoid penalties by following these helpful tips with football fans in mind: 


Delay of Game

Only trained electrical workers should open your meter base that’s attached to your home. If you’re not a trained electrical worker, wait until one arrives to keep the game going! 



You’ll get a penalty if you hold a conductive object or tool in close proximity to a live conductor. Never use a conductive object near electrical lines. Always maintain 20 feet clearance from any energized conductor.


False Start

Planning landscaping or construction that involves digging? Make sure to call 811 at least 48 hours before you begin work. The experts will come to your property and mark equipment that needs to be avoided. A false start could result in severe injury or death, cause power outages and could result in fines.


Illegal Use of Hands

When a storm brings down power lines, never go near or touch them to clear brush or trees. Make sure to call 800-672-2231 or 911 to report any downed power lines. When power lines are sidelined, remember to stay at least three yards (10 feet) away from them while you wait for AEP Ohio to arrive on site.


Follow these guidelines and you’ll score a touchdown every time. For more information, visit AEPOhio.com/Safety.

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  1. I’m going to have a tree taken down that is close to my house, next year. Unless I can find someone to do it before then. It is very close to the house, and I believe the builders planted it. Should I still call to make sure that nothing will be damaged?

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